Friday Funtivities

It’s Friday Funtivity day!!  I like to try to come up with free or very cheap fun activities and craft projects with my kids to help fill their days (well, the little one is only 3 months old so he kind of fills my days right now!) I had a cooking project planned for the 2-year-old, but the day did not turn out as planned.

It was far too hot to bake–and we had already done enough of that ourselves when we went to a yard sale this morning.  So, today’s Friday Funtivity was to go to what my husband calls, “the international smile maker.”  McDonald’s!  It has been 3 weeks since we have been there and to go to the “far away one” with the indoor playground is always a treat.  R and I split a Mighty Kids meal so we had 6 nuggets, a bag of apple slices with dipping sauce, a small fry, and a large drink. (and we can’t forget the light saber toy!!!)  Not too bad for under $4!

R, my 2 1/2-year-old, hit a major milestone today.  He learned how to climb up the towers of the playland all by himself!!  Every other time we have been there, he tries to find a sweet little girl to pick him up and put him on the next step, but the two that he asked today were too busy for him!  He stood there looking longingly at the top of the structure, gauging the worth of trying to do it himself.  He looked my way several times, but each time, I strategically looked in another direction to avoid making eye contact.  Then, I saw it– the look of determination!

He managed to get onto the lowest step pretty easily from the bottom platform.  The next step, however, was at chest level.  He put one toe on the edge of the step and tried to push-off with the other foot-that didn’t work.  Then, he tried the same thing with the other toe…that didn’t work either.  Then, he cried for a minute or two.  Next, he tried to climb the mesh wall by sticking his toes into the holes and pulling.  This worked pretty well, but he did it too far away from the step to actually go anywhere.  I came over next to him at this point and he asked me to come in there and climb with him.  Instead, I stuck my hand through the mesh and gave him a small platform.  I was able to help him up two steps and then I couldn’t reach anymore.  I thought he was just going to sit there-he wouldn’t come down because he hadn’t made it to the top.  He kept saying he couldn’t go any higher because it was too hard.  We were at an impasse!

Finally, he watched 2 other boys climb up and pass him and I don’t know if it was anger that they could do something he could not or if he just decided to do what they did, but he stuck his toe into the mesh and pushed until he could reach the back of the higher step.  Then, one foot flipping like a fish out of water, the other pushing into the mesh with all his might, and his hands grasping anything they could touch, he got his belly up on the step and managed to wiggle up there.  It was definitely not the most graceful thing I have ever seen, but the look of pride on his face was priceless!  He was so proud of himself he yelled down, “HI, EVERYBODY!!!  I am up wayyyyy high in here!!!”

After that, there was no stopping him–for the next 2 hours!  He explored every inch of every tunnel and both of the slides.  Every time he came down, he would run over to the table, snatch a fry, and then take off and say, wagging his finger, “I do back later, Momma!  You watch me!”  He was so excited!  It was such a treat for me to see how happy he was that he accomplished this!  And momma?  Well, momma got 2 hours of relative peace and quiet to sit and clip coupons!  It wasn’t a free funtivity, but $4 was a small price to pay for such a joyful little boy!


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