Family Table: “Dad Meals”

Illness has been visiting our house!  We had the 2-year-old in the doctor’s office on Saturday with a double ear infection and my own health has steadily declined since Saturday night until I had to visit my own healthcare provider today.  I was too sick to get out of bed this morning and that left my husband to take care of both kids and get meals ready.  Unfortunately, I did not have a good meal plan in place so he ended up taking the boys for fast food.  This is not at all a good way to start a new month!  It got me to thinking–in between bouts of pain and dizziness– what should I have done that would make this easier for him to handle?  I can’t plan being sick on the meal calendar, so how could this unexpected eating out been avoided?

Then I remembered what an older woman told me several years ago-always keep “Dad Meals” handy.  She said that she had a few meals that her husband could prepare quickly and easily if she was ever sick or gone.  Sometimes these meals were pre-cooked, frozen dinners (either homemade or store-bought).  Sometimes, it was hot dogs and chips.  And sometimes, it could be tomato soup and popcorn.  Grilled cheese or cheese quesadillas are quick & easy, too!  Just something quick and easy that husbands (or even older children) can prepare fast while taking care of other things that they aren’t used to doing daily.

Here are a few tips & recap:

  • Keep a few “Dad Meals” on hand–either a few simple ingredients or complete meals frozen
  • Keep a list of your “Dad Meals” on the refrigerator or pantry door
  • If these are ingredients that you don’t typically use in your meal plans, make sure to check the “use by” dates every so often and use those things up
  • Leftovers can make great “Dad Meals”
  • Sandwiches or wraps are also easy and quick to prepare
  • If your husband just doesn’t like to cook, keep a few fast food coupons handy–and maybe an emergency $10 or $20 in an envelope just in case

What tips or tricks help your family function with meals when Mom is under the weather?  I hope that this post is helpful–it is with a fuzzy head that I bid you good night!


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