Couponing-Not for the Faint of Heart

The following was a post from my previously titled blog. When I moved to the new address, I forgot to copy & paste this in!  Thanks, L. Ambler at “And You Thought Being a Housewife was Dull…”  for unearthing this for me!! 🙂


Coupons.  A scene from late 2009 came to mind: I heard a lady talking about all the money she saved while grocery shopping.  I bought a newspaper. I bought a new, shiny pair of scissors.  I found a book about how to organize coupons.  I got a binder & those baseball card sleeves.  I clipped and stuffed and clipped and stuffed.  I forgot to put it in the car.  I forgot to take it to the store.  I forgot to give the coupons to the checker.  I let my coupons expire.  I got discouraged.  I never picked it up again.

Recently, I came across the show, Extreme Couponing on TLC network.  After declaring it a “dumb show,” (I hate reality TV) I sat riveted to the television for about 2 hours of the program!  (I have since heard from various, all unconfirmed sources that the couponers on the show are bogus and give real couponing a bad name, but that is not up for debate in this particular post.)   It just baffled me to see these people walk up to the counter with as much as 9 shopping carts FULL of stuff and walk out paying $.14!  It kind of scared me to see these people adding on rooms to their homes in order to hold their free and cheap-beyond-belief stuff!  And it made me think to see one couple get over $900 in items, pay nothing at the checkout counter, and call the local shelter to come get it for needy people in their community.

I decided to give shopping with coupons another whirl.  This time, I did research!  LOTS of research.  Since my youngest child was only a few weeks old and had severe acid reflux, he had to be held upright for about an hour or more after eating at night.  This gave me ample opportunity to surf blogs and read up on the wonderful world of couponing!  I learned there is even a coupon language–and if you don’t know it, you won’t get far!  I still can’t read “couponese” like plain English, but it is getting easier!

So,  I will be posting my best deals and steals–as well as, I am sure, my coupon flops.  I am told to expect some of those as well.  I am determined to stick it out for at least 6 months at which point I will evaluate my total coupon savings from July 1st to January 1st.   Check back to watch me work out how I will store my coupons, organization tips that worked or didn’t work for me, and of course, the low down on the loot!


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