Friday Funtivities: DIY Game~Ryan Land

Hello, Everyone–it’s Friday again!!! This week’s activity is SUPER fun!!  Thanks, Aunt TruTru for coming up with this one for us!!

R and Aunt TruTru made his very own CandyLand game!!  We are using our game to help with colors but see variations below for other learning games.  Here is the “recipe.”  I will just post the instructions–you can decide which of these tasks your child is able to do.


  • 1 manilla file folder (a used one is fine)
  • 1 cereal box (or cardboard equivalent)
  • construction paper in at least 3 or 4 colors
  • sharp scissors
  • child scissors
  • tape
  • glue (I highly recommend glue sticks for preschoolers)
  • Markers or Crayons

Materials for Candy Land Game


  1. Open the manilla folder and draw a snak-like line across both sides with a crayon or marker.   This will be the path of play.  Write START at one end and FINISH at the other end.
  2. We didn’t measure anything, so all of these measurements can be adjusted or eyeballed as you see fit.  Cut strips of construction paper in 3 or 4 colors about 1.25″ wide.  Then, cut the strips into squares (for the game board) and rectangles (for the game pieces).  For our game, we used 22 rectangles (about 1.25″ x 2″) and 27 squares (about 1.25″ x 1″) in various colors.
  3. Starting at the word “START,” glue squares over the line on the folder.  Mix up the colors and try not the put two of the same color together.  Continue until you get to “STOP.”
  4. Cut your cereal box into strips (ours are slightly wider than the construction paper ones so it was easier for little hands to glue the paper down).  Then, cut them into rectangles (again, ours were a little longer than the construction paper ones).
  5. Glue the construction paper rectangles down on the cardboard. (my son decided to glue them on the picture side instead of the blank side and it gives it a nice border.)
  6. Make game pieces.  You can either draw your own or use the template provided below.  Cut out of the cereal box and construction paper–this one, you might want to be more precise with. (Or cut out of cereal box and color the blank side in different colors.  Game Piece Template
  7. For each game piece, cut out the two rectangles on the template out of the cereal box.  This is the stand for the game piece.  Cut on the red line, making sure you don’t cut all the way through.  On one of the rectangles, with the cut facing down, glue or tape the game piece’s feet.
  8. Cut out the other rectangle, and cut the red line.  To make the man stand, slide the two cut red lines together, perpendicular to each other.
  9. Game stores easily in the folder-we did put all our pieces in a zip top bag to keep them together.  Folder can be decorated to the child’s preference.

Game Play Instructions

Each player begins on the START.  Cards should be face down in a pile.  Each turn, the player will draw a card and move their man to the next square of that color.  The first player to the FINISH line wins.



*Add cards with written instructions or the color spelled for readers and beginning readers.  Examples are:  “LOSE A TURN,”  “GO AHEAD TWO RED,” “GO BACK ONE SPACE,”  “CHOSE ANY PLAYER TO MOVE BACK TWO SPACES.”

* Make the game more challenging by adding these rules:
Players must draw the color of the first square to start.
Player must draw the color of the last square to win.

*Add letters to the game board and cards.  Players would move to the letter on the card instead of the color.  Or, players could have to move to the space that matches color and letter.

*Cut your kids’ faces out of pictures to glue to the game pieces or use magazine pictures.

* Make it Family Land using pictures of family members.  Wallet-size prints are about $.60 for a set of two at most print kiosks (or, print two 4×6’s for around $.10 each and cut them down).  Use family pictures for the game board and game pieces (colored squares can be used intermittently, too).  Make the rules as above.

*Need a unique handmade gift for grandparents from your kids?  Instead of the same old boring  8×10 of the kids, I can’t think of many grandparents who wouldn’t love “GrandyLand!”  Make the board and pieces with pictures of the grandparents, grandkids, and/or families and special memory photos.  Use the same photos as the game pieces (be creative with the sizing, cutting, cropping, etc. to get them “game piece size”)

Make a special playing piece for each grandparent and grandchild.  Let the kids decorate the grandparent pieces as  grandma and grandpa look and cut the face out of a picture.

Decorate the outside and inside of the folder with a collage of pictures.

Have the game laminated for more durability.

To add a little flair,  hot glue a short length of colored ribbon to each outside edge of the folder so the game can be tied shut.  To cover the hot glue, add a picture, button, or other embellishment.

Gift wrap with several coupons for a “Free Game” with each grandchild.

Let the kids be as involved as possible.

I would LOVE for you to post comments about what you would do (or did) to your game.  And I would LOVE to see pictures of your game!!


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