Family Table: Do You Have Family Meals?

Today’s family table is more of a question than anything else.  Does your family have a family meal together every day?  Do you all gather for breakfast like the Cleaver’s and enjoy toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and freshly percolated coffee?  Does your husband come down in his tie and settle in with the newspaper?  Do your children run in dressed for school, grab a piece of toast and mumble something about being late for the bus?

Or maybe your family is like mine was a few years ago.  Lunch was our family time.  The big meal I cooked was served at noontime in between my husband’s classes and his work.  While everyone else was hitting the drive thru or rushing back to the office, we were out by the barbecue grill or sitting down to chicken and potatoes.  I have since read that this is the best time of day to have your largest meal so that your body has time to digest it.

What about dinner?  It is my belief that this is when most families get together.  Sitting around their table passing bowls and plates (or fixing their plates from the stove top) discussing the events of the day.  Finding out what the kids were up to at school today.  Does your family share their meal at dinner?  Are all the members of your family present or is your meal interrupted by dance classes, little league, or soccer practices?  Does your family have a strict NTT policy (No Telephone or TV) or do you serve your meal on TV trays around your family’s favorite weekly program?  We used to enjoy a game show every Sunday night with our dinner of hot dogs and mac n’ cheese.

Do you vary up your menus or do you serve the same things weekly?  Does Mom do all the cooking or maybe Dad?  Do the kids pitch in at all?  Who sets the table?  Do you use real dishes or throw aways?  Do you have “frozen pizza night” or “taco bar night?”  How often do you try out a new recipe?

When I think of “family mealtime,” and what a normal meal is, I wonder if there really is a normal.  Especially with babies and toddlers.  When did you start serving your small children with the rest of the family?  Do you use high chairs or booster seats?

I look forward to hearing your family table routines in the comments section!!


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  1. We try to make dinner time our family meal time. Our goal is to all sit around the table, turn off the TV, and not answer our phones until everyone is finished. Now, with a baby around, we don’t always make this happen, but we do try!


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