Friday Funtivity

Yesterday’s Friday Funtivity for us was to go to the orthopedic specialist.  Our 2-year-old decided last Sunday to do something during his nap time which resulted in a broken forearm and elbow.  I so wish someone had been in there with him to see (and hopefully STOP) him.  So, Sunday was spent in the emergency room and the follow-up appointment with the orthopedic doctor was yesterday.  The good news is that he does not have to have surgery and it is expected to heal completely.  The bad news is that the healing is going to take at least 3 weeks!

The first two days in the cast were spent laying on the couch in pain.  The third day, however, he was able to stop taking his pain medicine as much and move around…but he is one hand down since his left is in a cast that spans fingers almost all the way to his shoulder!  So, I spent my week picking up toys he couldn’t reach, getting juice cups situated in a little hand, feeding (I’m not sure exactly why this became my job…but he said it hurt to eat by himself), and “scooching” him into a better position. (One day, in total exasperation, he said, “Mommy, I can’t even scooch myself anymore!)  I am amazed at how much he needs his left hand to do even simple tasks and I wonder who would “scooch” me if I broke my arm!! 🙂

I tried letting him play with his Mega Blocks, but you can’t pull those apart with only one hand.  He can play with his cooking stuff, but he can’t open and close screw lids and gets very frustrated by this.  He has played with cars a lot this week–probably more than he has ever played with them before.  And we had a great time one day making a city for his cars.  We used all the toys he couldn’t play with as buildings, people, roads, construction signs–you name it and we had a thing for it!  Was a plastic can of tuna meant to be a stop sign?  Probably not.  I wonder if the makers of the stuffed animals ever thought they would become the bank or the gas station in the world of R!

So, for this week’s funtivity, I am encouraging you to look for ways to make things new to your child.  If it weren’t for his broken arm, we never would have found this great new way to play.  I definitely don’t wish a broken limb on your child!!  But, this works even on one of those, “I’m BORRRED!!!” days.  What kind of new and fun ways can your child’s toys be enjoyed?


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