Family Table: Our Week’s Meals

This week, I decided to follow the trend of several blogger friends and post my family’s weekly menu.  I am just doing dinner recipes because we will be having leftovers and sandwiches for lunch and we aren’t really breakfast eaters.  We are still dealing with a broken arm and a first tooth and all the crankiness that goes along with those boo-boos, so I needed something simple and fast!  I will add links to some of the recipes as soon as I can.  None of these recipes are original with me.  The recipe credits will appear in the link.

Broccoli Chicken Cheese Casserole & Salad

Grilled marinated pork chops, mashed potatoes, & chicken flavored rice

Frozen Pizza (or homemade, if I have time & patience to work with the one-armed-kiddo!)

Baked Italian Chicken, broccoli cheddar rice (packaged), salad

Taco Bar

Smorgasborg (fancy way to say leftovers!)

Dinner on Church Grounds (we are taking cup cakes and fruit salsa–both the little guy can help me with)

I am always interested in new “quick & easies” so let me know if you have one we might like!!


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