Friday Funtivities: Fun Foam

A few months ago, I came across some crafting kits on a clearance rack.  Some of them were single projects and some were multi-packs.  The average price for each project was about $0.50.  I decided they would be perfect for a quick crafting project with R.  I tucked them in a desk drawer and promptly forgot about them.

While going through the drawers looking for pennies, R found one of the kits and asked to do it.  So, we made a jungle.  The kit that we had is NOT the one shown.  Our kit made a foam lion picture frame and a monkey hanging from a tree.  We used the monkey and tree.  They were both very glittery. (I hope to put pictures up soon of our adventure)

I let him help me pick out pictures of jungle animals from a few free coloring picture websites.  I used the Paint program to scale the pictures to a realistic size in comparison with our foam animals.  Then, we printed them.  (One of our favorite coloring page websites is Coloring Book Pages.

Using green cardstock, I cut out a strip of grass using a zigzag cut.  I had this ready before we started, but if your child is more efficient with scissors, this could be a great practice!  After R colored the animals, we cut them out (“he” did it with a little help from mom!) and glued them down on the paper.  Then, we added the foam tree and monkey.  And finally, we put the strip of grass onto the forefront of the page.

Jungle animal stickers could also be used to add animals to the page.  Tropical bird stickers could be put in and around a drawn bird’s nest.   Scrapbook stores also sell strip stickers of clouds, green grass, trees, etc. that make a dressy background.

R’s room has a jungle animals theme (until he can convince me that we need to update to “Yit-nin McKing!” that is) so I put this on cardboard (a cut up cereal box, actually), but you could use paper or cardstock for a more disposable project!

This project was a great way to teach:

  • Coloring/Cutting/Gluing skills
  • Colors
  • Animal sight/sounds
  • Directions (put the monkey on top of the tree; put the elephant beside the tree; put the snake under the tree)
  • Some basic computer skills (picking out the pictures, copying and pasting into files, printing)



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