Sunday Mornings

  1. Get up & shower while kids are hopefully still sleeping.
  2. Attempt another hour of sleep and/or nurse the baby.
  3. Get up with 2-year-old & hope that baby stays asleep for another half hour.
  4. Dress self and 2-year-old (or at least chase him around with clothing while he yells, “NO! I want to be a naked boy today!!”)
  5. Feed self & 2-year-old (and usually baby, too who woke up during the afore-mentioned request for nakedness).
  6. Unload dishwasher while baby plays/cries on tummy mat (this includes the 10 attempts to put 5-month-old back on the mat and not across the room pulling the hair of the cat or the 2-year-old!)
  7. Put baby down for a nap. (Prepare to give 2-year-old anything he wants for the next hour to keep from  having a repeat of #5)
  8. Fix lunch for self and 2-year-old (or at least play short-order cook as he changes his mind ten times and finally settles on, “I just want nothing.”).


Most mothers of more than one child can probably relate to at least some of this list.  This is my day Monday-Saturday, 7 am-1 pm on a week by week basis.  Sunday is the day we get some variation.  We get to go to church!  It is such a joy for me to go and fellowship with friends and worship through the song service and hearing preaching from the Word of God.  Unfortunately, when I finally get settled into the church pew–baby safely tucked away in the care of the nursery staff & preschooler somewhat entertained by the trunk full of quiet toys we bring to occupy him, I find it so hard to concentrate on the sermon!

My mind immediately rushes to lunch preparations, afternoon shopping lists, or I am simply plagued with a list of to-do’s and did-I-do’s.  I am sure that I am not the only mother of young children to have this problem.  What do you do to help you stay focused?  I am looking for advice from those of you who have been here, sitting in the pew, trying so hard to glean from another’s study of Scripture.  What helps you force everything else from mind and listen only to what God has in store for you?


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