Family Table: Double-Duty Meals

One of my favorite recipes is Apple Pork Chops with Rice.  I used to make it about once a week until my husband confessed that not only was it not one of his favorites, he hated it!  The mixing of fruit and meat is a turn-off for him.  I still loved it, so we had a predicament.  He would suffer through it every once in a while and then I just quit making it altogether.

Well, this weekend, I was planning on grilled pork chops after church on Sunday, but the only problem was the rain set in and I didn’t know when it would stop.  My trooper husband has grilled in the rain before, but this was a torrential downpour.  So, now I had these pork chops and nothing to do with them.  A quick pantry inventory showed I had one apple left over from fruit salsa…which brought me back to the apple pork chops.  What a shame that he didn’t like them…I kept looking and found a can of Rotel.  My husband loves Rotel pork chops, but I don’t at all!  It’s too spicy.  That got me really thinking.

So, Sunday when we got home, I pulled out 2 skillets and threw 2 chops in each one.  In the first one, I tossed the apple, vinegar, honey, soy sauce, rice, & water…YUMM!  In the second, a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper, rice, and the can of Rotel (this one is much simpler).  In 45 minutes, we were both eating pork chops- but in two very different flavors.

I thought then, that this same technique could be done to make dinner WHILE doing a make-ahead meal.  I could get 2 pans of chicken going, 2 pans of ground beef…the possibilities are limitless! Of course, it is easier if the steps involved are similar–like in the pork chop dishes, the chops and rice cooked about the same length of time.  So, other than different ingredients, it was basically like cooking 2 of the same dish.

What kind of multi-task cooking do you like to do?  How can we streamline even more?  My friend over at Busy on a Budget shared her prep-ahead tip last week.  Head on over and check it out!!


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  1. Cooking meat ahead of time! This saves so much time. If I am baking or cooking anything in the oven, I always look to see what meat we are using in our meals that week so I can precook it if necessary. This saves me a lot of time at the end of the day when I’m coming home from work to a hungry, sleepy baby and a hungry husband!


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