Craft #1: Thanksgivng Napkin Rings

Craft Name: Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials Needed:

  • toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • craft paint (optional)
  • foam paint brush
  • colored card stock
  • several small leaves (no larger than 2″ length dry, but not cracking)
  • Black or Brown magic marker
  • glue (hot glue preferably)
  • Mod Podge or see explanation below to make your own


  1. Cut each tube into 1.5″ sections.
  2. You can either leave them brown or paint the outside of each tube piece.  Different colors make a very festive table.  If you choose to paint them, let them dry completely.
  3. Trace each leaf on colored card stock.  You can either use the same leaf over and over or different leaves.  You may also choose to trace them in one color or variations.  You may also trace the stem or not–adding the stem adds character to each leaf, but if you plan to use them year after year, these tiny stems are the first thing to bend or tear!
  4. Using the magic marker, trace around the outside edge of each leaf.  Then, add the leaf veins. ***For a personalized table, write names on the leaves and use at each place setting as a name card (these can also be used yearly).  Or, write things to be thankful for on each leaf such as, “family,” “friends,” etc.  For a fun party game, see below.
  5. Hot glue one or two leaves to each tube section.
  6. Once glue is completely dry, paint over each leaf with Mod Podge to add stability and shine.  Let dry completely for several hours.
  7. Roll napkin and slide into tube section.


Mod Podge:

Mod Podge is a sealer within a glue used in decoupaging projects.  It comes in various strengths and finishes.  When applied in even coats, it will dry with a nice, gloss or matte finish (depending on which bottle you get).  I have only used the glossy finish.  More information, project ideas, and a chart about the different finishes offered can be found on the Plaid Mod Podge website

To make your own glossy finish Mod Podge, mix 3 parts white school glue with 1 part water.  Paint on with a foam brush in even coats.  Allow to dry completely before applying subsequent coats.




Napkin Ring Party Game:

Look up 2 bible verses about thankfulness that are about the same length.  Divide the leaf colors into teams.  One team can be all the yellow and red leaves and the other can be orange and brown.  Write one word on each leaf.  Teams must figure out their verse and stand with their leaves together to make up their bible verse.  You may help them out by giving them the reference & a bible to look it up. 

Variations on this game can be done by having teams put the words of thankfulness in alphabetical order or use a common poem or nursery rhyme.



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