Craft #2: The Thankful Tree, Part 1

This is a great project for families with school aged children.  With the “gimme’s” of the Holiday season (just turn on the television or head to the mall),  it is great to take a month to be thankful!!  This towering tree on the wall or the back of the door will be a great reminder every time your family leaves home.

PROJECT TITLE: The Thankful Tree



  • two or three brown paper grocery bags or brown butcher paper (you could also use LOTS of brown construction paper, but I don’t recommend that!)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • tape or sticky tack
  • Various fall colors of construction paper (yellow, brown, red, orange)


  1. Cut your paper bags so that they are open flat.

    R with the supplies

  2. Measure (eyeball) how much length your tree needs to cover the back of your door or the area of the wall you specified.  Cut your bag (or the brown paper) to that length minus about 2 feet for branches.  Tape bags together if necessary.  You should now have a long strip.
  3. Cut up both sides near the edge to give your tree the bark look.  Angle it out at the bottom for roots and out at the top for the branch beginnings.  You can also cut the beginnings of any branches you will have in the middle.
  4. Before we put it up, my son gave the tree character.  We added a large knot hole for an owl to live.  He also added lines to the tree (I didn’t specify, so he made the lines go horizontal instead of vertical). 
  5. Attach the tree to the door or wall with tape or sticky tack.
  6. Using the leftover bag, cut branches.  (My son picked out this coloring picture found on Google Images as a guide.)  We have 4 branches at the top, two skinny ones and two fatter ones in the middle.  My son also cut two branches we stuck out from the sides of the tree.  He used the Fiskar’s Scalloped Edge scissors to cut these.
  7. Attach your branches using tape or sticky tack.

This is about where my son got too tired to continue.  This is definitely a 2-part project.  Come back tomorrow for pictures & the rest of the instructions for the THANKFUL TREE!!

*Please forgive the photos!  I dropped the camera so it is hit & miss with the photo quality!  I am hoping for a new one for Christmas!!


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