Craft #2: The Thankful Tree, Part 2

Yesterday, we went over how to make a towering tree to grace the back of your front door or a wall in your home.  The point of the Thankful Tree is to post things that we are thankful for to remind us to BE thankful during this celebrated season.  Today, we are going to add the leaves and any other decorations.  Since this part of the project is much more personalized than the actual tree, there are going to be more items on the materials list than you actually need–and, there may be things that you find work for you that are not on the list.  This is the time to let your creativity truly shine!  I would LOVE to see pictures of your Thankful Tree!!

Adding “THANKS” to your tree

The Thankful Tree

The Final Product


  • scissors
  • markers
  • colored construction paper
  • magazines
  • family photos
  • tape
  • real leaves
  • leaf template

Instructions: (the numbers only signify a new idea–not a step by step process)

  1. Cut leaf shapes out of colored construction paper.  Using markers, draw veins on the leaves if desired.  Write statements or words of thanks.  These can be things you are thankful for (ie- Mom, Dad, Johnny, Jenny) or statements (ie-I am thankful for changing seasons.).
    Thankful Statements
  2. Using the same idea from #1, cut leaf shapes out of magazines.  When looking for pages to cut, don’t look at the picture as a whole, look for small sections in the right color.  A person’s clothing, a background, even a mix of objects in the correct color may look fine when cutting a 2-4″ leaf from the picture.  See the example.

    The boys searching magazines for the perfect picture!

    The magazine picture before cutting.The leaves we cut out.The leaves after we added our family names (including pets) & the leaf veins.

    Our family section of the tree.

  3. Use family photos whole or cut into leaf shapes.  You can add the names of the relatives if you’d like.  You could put Nanna in the owl hole or Aunt Sue in a bird’s nest.  If you have a pet snake (something I definitely would NOT be thankful for…), you could cut his picture out and add him coming out of an apple.
  4. Add embellishments.  Blank leaves, animals (made from construction paper, child’s drawings, magazine pictures, real pictures, or fun foam creations) add character & fun to your tree.  We added an acorn that we found in a magazine picture.  This is a great seek game for young children.
  5. For a Month of Thankfulness, cut lots of blank leaves and give each family member a day of the week (or everyone can do one daily) to fill one out with something for which they are thankful.  By Thanksgiving, you could have a VERY full tree!
The Thankful Tree

The Thankful Tree


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  1. Posted by mom on November 8, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    this is a great idea ! how did u ever come up with it ?


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