Week 1 Down

Well, this marks the one week point in the 50 Days of Crafts series and I have to say it was nothing less than horrible!  I did not realize how much effort, time, and stress this would add to an already hectic time in my life.  That being said, I felt an obligation to continue since I had set out to do it.  But, after the 7 days of weighing the pros and cons and considering that my choices affect my entire family, I have decided that I am going to have to alter the 50 Days series!!

I will continue the 50 Days series, but I a, not going to be able to do a craft every day!  I will aim to do a new craft every 2 days.  This coming week, however, I will be having some dental work done that will likely inhibit me from posting much!!  So, if I seem to have gone mad and flown the blog, never fear–I shall return!!

Thanks to those of you who do read faithfully for understanding that my family must come first!


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